In Rack Sprinkler System

If you’re looking for a fire suppression system designed to combat warehouse fires, then an in rack sprinkler system could be ideal for you.

In rack sprinkler systems are triggered by heat and do a wonderful job of containing a fire and making sure it does not spread to other parts of the warehouse. Although they can’t prevent fires, many warehouses prefer in rack sprinkler systems to ESFR systems because in rack ones are often less expensive to install, less expensive to recharge after a discharge and are located closer to equipment, meaning a quicker response time to areas affected by fire.

As evidenced by their name, these systems are mostly installed along piping within a storage rack. If you would like an in rack sprinkler system installed, repaired or inspected for your warehouse, contact the experts at R.G. Fire Protection today or call us at 330-456-8848.