Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System Maintenance

Fire suppression systems are designed to extinguish a fire before it has the chance to spread throughout your building. If these systems are not properly maintained and regularly checked, they could fail when a fire breaks out. RG Fire Protection provides sprinkler system maintenance and services in Ohio to keep all of your fire protection and suppression systems working properly.

A fire can ignite in many ways!  All of which are a danger to you, your employees and your assets. The most common start to industrial and commercial fires are as follows:

  • Faulty wiring within your buildings walls & ceilings
  • Open flames in cooking ovens
  • Grease fires in a kitchen setting
  •  Overheated or defective manufacturing equipment
  • Chemical fires

Fire alarms and sprinkler systems are designed to detect all of these fires and then stop them at the point of origin. RG Fire Protection tests, inspects and then repairs and maintains these systems so they will properly protect your building and everyone in it, at all times.

Whether you are moving into a new building and want to revamp the existing fire suppression system, would like to get a quote for maintenance, or are in need of a completely new system, RG Fire Protection can help. Contact us today to tell us about your alarm and sprinkler system needs.