Pre-action & Deluge Systems

R.G. Fire Protection offers a wide range of fire suppression services, including the installation, repair, maintenance and inspection of pre-action and deluge sprinkler systems. Like dry pipe systems, pre-action fire sprinkler systems do not have water within their pipes, but instead have water stored in a pre-action valve. The valve is then triggered when the system detects smoke, flames or abnormal heat; water is then pushed through the pipes before being released by individual sprinkler heads. Since pre-action systems rarely have accidental discharges, these systems are popular for businesses equipped with computers and other electronics.

Deluge systems are quite similar to pre-action systems, with the only major difference being they have open sprinkler heads and their pipes do not contain pressurized air. They are connected to a water supply that opens when smoke, flames or heat is detected, so deluge systems are often used for businesses with potentially hazardous materials and equipment, such as chemical processing plants.

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