Retrofit Fire Alarm & Fire Sprinkler Systems

You do not have to install new sprinkler systems to make sure that they work properly. RG Fire Protection will retrofit fire sprinkler systems so you can make maintain the building that you love without sacrificing safety. We will work with you to make an affordable and efficient retrofit and help you maintain the authenticity of the building while providing the proper protection.

Many old buildings do not provide the proper fire protection, especially for hazardous businesses such as restaurants or manufacturing operations, which can be very susceptible to fire. Our experts will work with you so you can update or repurpose these older buildings, using the character and beauty of the exterior while protecting employees and visitor with a state of the art fire prevention, alert and suppression system. We will work with all types of buildings and all types of existing sprinkler systems, so you will have an exceptional setting for your business.

Tell us about your building and we will answer any questions you have about a retrofit. Give us a call at 330-456-8848 or send us a message on the contact page to get started.