Fire Detection & Suppression Services in Ohio

Fire is one of the most devastating events that can occur to a business. A fire can cause minor damages; destroying office furniture, equipment, records and other assets inside, to serious damages where the building is deemed unusable. To prevent this terrible situation from occurring, R.G. Fire Protection provides fire suppression system services to businesses in Ohio. If you need new suppression systems installed, you want to replace old mechanisms, or you want to regularly assess your current systems to avoid fines and maintain complete safety, we can help.

If a fire occurs, the fire alarms systematically placed around the premises will make sure that all employees and visitors will be alerted of the fire and can safely escape before it is too late. Fire suppression systems are designed to minimize the damage of a large fire and prevent it from spreading to other rooms or other areas, thereby minimizing damages and preventing future costs of restoration.  R.G. Fire Protection uses your layout, your budget, your business, equipment and your needs to create the most efficient and most effective fire suppression and prevention system, so you can keep your employees and your business safe.

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