The Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

The Benefits of Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems A fire suppression system can put out a fire on your commercial property and prevent it from doing extensive damage. However, ironically, a fire suppression system can also cause extensive damage to the items in your business if it relies on water to put out fires. Expensive equipment, records, and more can be destroyed in a matter of just minutes by a fire suppression system.

A clean agent fire suppression system can solve this problem. A waterless system relies on FM-200 or CO2 to put out fires quickly. Check out some of the benefits of using a clean agent fire suppression system below.

It will cut down on the damage water would normally do to your business.

While water can put out fires, it can also do a lot of damage inside of a business. Just imagine what would happen if a fire started in your business right now. Your sprinkler system would turn on and soak everything. Equipment, carpeting, furniture, and potentially even drywall would need to be removed from your business later to eliminate the threat of mold. It could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to replace everything. A waterless fire suppression system will do the same job without doing the damage.

It will put out a fire without leaving an oily residue behind.

Other fire suppression systems can leave an oily residue behind on your items when they are deployed. While it might not necessarily destroy them, it will make them hard to use. A clean agent fire suppression system won’t leave a mess behind.

It will eliminate chemical fires that traditional fire sprinkler systems would struggle with.

There are some types of chemical fires that will overpower regular fire sprinkler systems and render them useless. That won’t be the case with a clean agent fire suppression system. It will be able to handle most chemical fires quickly.

In addition to providing these benefits, a clean agent fire suppression system will also give you the peace of mind that comes along with having one. If you ever have a fire, you will get a fast-acting response from your system and eliminate the fire quickly. This will allow you to move back into your business in no time and get back to work. Contact R.G. Fire Company today to learn more about how a clean agent fire suppression system could help you.

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