Don’t Fall For These Fire Sprinkler System Myths

Don’t Fall For These Fire Sprinkler System Myths

Fire Sprinkler Myths There are many home and business owners who opt against installing fire sprinklers in their houses and commercial establishments because of the myths that sometimes surround them. Believe it or not, there are still some people who believe that water damage from fire sprinklers will cause a lot more damage than a fire itself. This isn’t true, but they think it is and use it as a reason not to install fire sprinklers. Check out some of the other common fire sprinkler myths below.

Myth: Every fire sprinkler will go off in the event of a fire.

One concern people have about fire sprinklers is that they think each fire sprinkler that is installed in a home or business will go off at once if a fire is ever detected. This worries them because they’re under the assumption that the first sign of smoke could leave their entire home or business drenched. But the truth is that fire sprinkler heads are activated individually and won’t all go off at once. It usually only takes a couple of them to stop a fire from spreading.

Myth: Smoke detectors will provide your business with more than enough protection.

Smoke detectors do play an important part in fire safety. They can alert people to the presence of a fire and give them the time they need to get out of a burning building. But they won’t do anything to put a fire out. And unfortunately, there are many home and business owners who have smoke detectors that don’t even work, due to old age or dead batteries. For all these reasons, you shouldn’t rely on smoke detectors alone to protect you from a fire.

Myth: Fire sprinklers will only save property, not lives, when fires take place.

Some people think fire sprinklers are only put into place to save property during a fire. However, in reality, they can save both property and lives when they’re installed properly. Often, fire sprinklers will put a fire down immediately and stop it from getting into other parts of a home or business. This reduces the chances of a fire resulting in loss of life and can help everyone in your home or business to escape a building without injury.

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