The Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

The Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Retrofits

Fire Sprinkler RetrofitJust because you have a fire sprinkler system installed in your building doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s up to code. If the fire sprinklers were installed a long time ago, there’s a good chance your building may have evolved since then and left your sprinklers in the dust. To bring them back up to code, you should strongly consider having fire sprinkler retrofits put in to keep your building safe. Here are some other big benefits of installing fire sprinkler retrofits.

They will cut down on your losses in the event of a fire.

If a fire were to start in your building today, there’s a decent chance that your existing fire sprinklers wouldn’t be enough to knock it down and put it out. When you have fire sprinkler retrofits installed, you can ensure your sprinkler system will do its job during a fire. This will limit the amount of property damage that is done. It could also help save a lot of lives.

They will make the fire sprinklers in your building look better.

Do the fire sprinklers in your building look ugly? If they’re decades old at this point, they could really be bringing the aesthetic appeal of your entire building down. By having fire sprinkler retrofits installed, you will make your fire sprinklers look modern again and prevent your sprinklers from becoming major eyesores. People will notice the difference right away.

They will bring down your property insurance premiums.

You could be paying too much every year for property insurance premiums as a result of your old fire sprinklers. While you want to check with your insurance company before installing fire sprinkler retrofits, you might be able to save quite a bit of money in insurance costs with them. Your insurance company will be able to give you a better idea about how much you could potentially save.

If you suspect your old sprinkler system might not get the job done during a fire, you should have R.G. Fire Protection come out to inspect your building. We can show you how fire sprinkler retrofits could make a big difference in your space. Contact us at 330-456-8848 today for more information on retrofits and other fire suppression products.

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