How Do Deluge Fire Valves Work?

How Do Deluge Fire Valves Work?

Deluge Fire ValveThere are a lot of commercial and industrial facilities that can’t afford to have a fire spread quickly once it starts. Chemical processing plants, airport hangars, data storage units, and more need a heavy-duty fire sprinkler system that will shut a fire down immediately and stop it from spreading. Many of these facilities install what is known as a deluge fire sprinkler system to inundate fires with water or foaming agents and stop them in their tracks. Keep reading to learn more about how a deluge fire valve works.

What is a deluge fire valve?

A deluge fire valve is a hydraulically-operated diaphragm valve that is designed to release quickly. It features three chambers with clappers and seals separating each of them. These three chambers each play an important role in the operation of a deluge fire sprinkler system.

How does a deluge fire valve work?

When a deluge fire valve is in the “set” position, there is water pressure that works its way through an external check valve and into the top chamber. This chamber is vented immediately when a deluge fire sprinkler system detects fire or smoke inside of a facility, which lifts the clapper in it and allows for water to start flowing through the system. That water will make its way down towards the fire in no time to put it out.

What is the benefit of relying on a deluge fire valve?

Basic fire sprinkler systems use highly-pressurized water to attack a fire. But the problem with them is that they don’t always dump enough water on a fire to stop it from spreading. A deluge fire valve sends water pouring down on a fire immediately and prevents it from gaining any momentum. It shuts down the fire in a matter of just seconds in most cases and prevents a full-fledged fire from breaking out.

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