How Does a Fire Deluge Sprinkler System Function?

How Does a Fire Deluge Sprinkler System Function?

 Fire Deluge Sprinkler System Many business owners are at least vaguely familiar with basic fire suppression systems. However, some owners may be unaware of how fire deluge sprinkler systems function, and which types of businesses they most are ideally suited for. These types of systems are often used for chemical processing plants, power plants, airport hangars, data storage centers, and more. Learn more about the purpose of a deluge system below.

They stop the spread of a fire quickly.

All fire suppression systems are designed to stop fires from spreading inside of a building to some degree. But deluge systems go above and beyond the normal call of duty. They open up all of their sprinkler heads at one time when they detect a fire in order to flood the fire. It makes it virtually impossible for a fire to pick up any momentum and start to spread.

They’re useful for those with hazardous materials and equipment.

Deluge fire sprinkler systems aren’t always the right choice for all businesses. There are some that don’t need to worry about flooding their buildings to stop a fire from spreading. But those businesses with hazardous materials and equipment inside their buildings can definitely benefit from using them. Deluge systems will stop a fire from coming into contact with their materials and equipment.

They can be designed to release something other than water.

While most business owners choose to use water in their deluge systems, these systems can also be outfitted to release other things, too. For example, a deluge system can send out foam, inert gases, or dry chemicals to stop a fire in its tracks. These might better options for those with hazardous materials and equipment in their buildings.

Do you think your building might need a deluge fire sprinkler system installed in it? R.G. Fire Company can tell you more about deluge systems and let you know if they would be good for your business. Call us at 330-456-8848 today for additional information on deluge systems.

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