The Benefits of ESFR Sprinkler Systems

The Benefits of ESFR Sprinkler Systems

ESFR Fire Suppression Systems If you own or operate a warehouse building, you might be thinking about which type of fire sprinkler system is best for you. Many warehouse owners are installing Early Suppression Fast Response, or ESFR, sprinkler systems these days. These systems provide those who utilize warehouses with the ultimate protection from fires. Here are some benefits you’ll get to enjoy with an ESFR sprinkler system.

It’ll spring into action at the first sign of a fire.

All fire sprinkler systems will spring into action relatively quickly when a fire starts. But ESFR systems are specifically designed to start fighting fires as quickly as possible. While other systems will attempt to control a fire, an ESFR system’s main goal is to put a fire out by any means necessary right away. You won’t have to worry about a fire spiraling too far out of control in your warehouse.

It’ll release a large amount of water immediately to put down a fire.

ESFR systems are effective in warehouse settings because they use a large amount of water to fight fires. As we just mentioned, an ESFR system isn’t going to simply try to control a fire once it starts. It’s going to try to douse it in a matter of just a minute or two. An incredible amount of water will come raining down on a fire to put it down before it starts to spread.

It’ll bring the heat release rate of a fire down dramatically.

The heat release rate is a huge cause for concern for those who experience a fire in a warehouse. As the heat release rate rises, it’s more likely that a fire will spread and do damage to whatever is being stored in the warehouse space. An ESFR system works to reduce the heat release rate of a fire so that it’s not able to do too much damage. It’s amazing to see how fast an ESFR system will get to work.

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