Fire Sprinkler Vs. Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Sprinkler Vs. Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Sprinkler Vs Fire Suppression Systems Fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems have the same goal. If a fire ever starts in your building, both systems will work to stop it from doing too much damage. Fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems also use a lot of the same equipment. As a result, you might mistake one for the other when you see it installed in a building. However, the two systems are not one and the same. There are actually quite a few differences between fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Here are some of the more notable ones.

They rely on different agents to fight fires.

When you install a fire sprinkler system in a building, it will rely on water and water alone to fight fires. You won’t have the option of putting any other agents into a fire sprinkler system. However, with a fire suppression system, there are several agents you can use. They typically rely on chemical, foam, or gaseous agents to handle a fire.

They take a different approach to dealing with fires.

If fire sprinkler or fire suppression systems detect heat and/or smoke, they’ll spring into action right away. However, fire sprinkler systems will work to control the flames of a fire to stop it from spreading so that firefighters can manage it once they arrive. Fire suppression systems, on the other hand, can put a fire out on their own without necessarily needing firefighters to come and do it.

They are used in different types of facilities.

Fire sprinklers systems are ideal for apartment complexes, office buildings, and other places where everyday fires might occur. They can stop fires from spreading throughout these types of establishments. Fire suppression systems are ideal for facilities that can’t get wet due to whatever is kept inside of them. Many facilities will install fire suppression systems that utilize dry agents to put down fires.

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