The Leading Causes of Industrial Fires

The Leading Causes of Industrial Fires

danger flammable liquids sign There are about 37,000 industrial fires that take place in the U.S. every year. Many of them happen because of what is called hot work. In these instances, industrial employees start fires while welding, torch cutting, soldering, and carrying out other tasks that come with an inherent risk of fire. However, there are other major causes of industrial fires, too. Here are just a few of them.

Combustible dust

Most people don’t associate dust with fires. Nevertheless, combustible dust is actually one of the top causes of industrial fires within industries like food manufacturing, metalworking, and more. That’s because many of the food, chemicals, and metals that turn to dust in these industries are combustible. It’s why so many companies make a push to cut down on the dust that’s created and put out into the air.

Flammable liquids and/or gases

As you would probably guess, there are a lot of flammable liquids and gases that are used inside of industrial facilities. If these liquids and gases aren’t handled and stored properly, they can start fires. They need to be kept away from ignition sources and handled and stored with great care to prevent them from causing fires to break out.

Improper use of large equipment

Many industrial facilities rely on large equipment to carry out certain tasks. This equipment can cause fires if it’s not maintained properly since it usually creates a lot of friction when it’s in use. Industrial companies need to maintain their equipment and teach their employees how to use it properly. That helps bring down the chances of a fire breaking out.

If you own or operate an industrial facility, you should take the time to install a fire suppression system. It will protect your building and your employees in the event of a fire. RG Fire Company can show you your fire suppression options and help set one up for you. Call us at 330-456-8848 to get started.

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