Here’s How Industrial Fires Most Commonly Occur

Here’s How Industrial Fires Most Commonly Occur

Industrial Fires Fires can start inside of industrial facilities for a variety of reasons. By learning more about those reasons, you can prevent fires from starting in the first place. It will allow you to be more proactive about fire prevention, which will make your industrial facility a safer place to work. Check out a few the most common reasons for industrial fires below:

Combustible dust

When you walk into any industrial facility, one of the first things you will notice is all of the dust that is in the air. The machines that are used in most facilities create a lot of dust, and it tends to just sit in the air for extended periods of time. This dust can lead to an industrial fire, so if your facility produces a lot of it, you need to make sure you have the right ventilation systems in place. You should also make efforts to collect dust and dispose of it properly.

Faulty equipment

How often are you maintaining your industrial equipment? If you aren’t lubricating parts properly and looking out for signs of potential problems, your equipment could start an industrial fire. Most heavy-duty machinery includes a bevy of metal parts that rub up against one another when used. This friction can cause a fire if you aren’t careful, so make sure parts are well lubricated and precautions are in place with regards to inspecting and maintaining equipment.

Electrical hazards

Believe it or not, the same electrical hazards that cause many residential and commercial fires are also to blame for industrial fires. From overloaded circuit boards to the overuse of extension cords, you should be mindful about how you use electricity in your facility and avoid cutting corners. An electrical fire can start very quickly and, when it does, it can spiral out of control and cause a large industrial fire to break out within just minutes.

There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of an industrial fire occurring in your facility, but it’s impossible to prevent fires altogether. So if you own an industrial facility, you should install a fire suppression system that can put out or at least slow down an industrial fire if one ever occurs. R.G. Fire can help you pick out the best fire suppression system for your building. Call us at 330-456-8848 today to hear about your options.


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